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May 9, 2012 5:00am EDT
, which is getting the nickname of snake island. it is swamped with venomous brown tree snakes. for the locals, enough is enough, it seems. our reporter rebecca has been there to find out what they are doing about it. >> it all started with one stowaway snake, but today on this tiny pacific island there are millions. the brown tree snake might not look like much of a menace, but this unwelcome guest has become a nemesis. >> there he is. this is a very typical sized for the brown tree snake. let me know when you feel comfortable. you've got him. >> this snake is one of the most successful in case of species in the world. he arrived on the island six years ago and has decimated the local wildlife. this area used to be full of sounds and now it is silent,. no more than 6000 snakes per square kilometer on the island. >> it has now gone after everything it can acquire to feed on. we thought that the bird populations would decline, so then it switched to rodents, lizards, and across the board -- we thought that the snake population will decline after the birds were gone, but the snak
May 11, 2012 7:00am EDT
. >> mr. blair, did he send you one? >> yes. >> probably not mr. brown? >> no. probably -- >> rebekah brooks' close relationship with politicians goes to the heart of this inquiry and media ethics. >> you passed on material evidence, call it what you will gained from your few dinners with gordon brown. you passed that on to tony blair. is that true or not? >> he suggested that, sir? >> in the same way you're not telling me your sources i will not tell you mine. >> ok. we'll play this game all day. i think your source may be john prescott, and it's not true. >> the questioning turned to rebekah brooks' contacts with the current prime minister, david cameron and the meeting with the murdoch family in greece in 2008. >> whose idea was it that mr. david cameron meet with the murdoches in greece on this indication? >> i'm not sure -- on this o'indication? >> i'm not sure who came up with this idea. i think it was born out of the fact that mr. murdoch was there in the summer and it was organized through number 10. >> there must have been initiatives there within news international to make a
May 11, 2012 5:00am EDT
backed tony blair three times. she was a guest of gordon brown's at a pajama party. historical detail of politicians past is likely to feature when she takes to the witness stand later. just a day after her friend and former colleague, andy colson, once director of communications at downing street, gave evidence. >> rebecca was the sharp hand of rupert murdoch. she was the interface between the murdoch empire and the politicians. she was the orkstraret of the kind of social media. it was her wedding, it was her party, it was her pajama party. she was the social interface that held, if you like, the whole thing together. >> but it is rebecca brooks' relationship with the current prime minister that will come under most scrutiny in the courtroom. they lived close by in the countryside. it's been suggested they were in regular contact by phone, with some suggestions david cameron texted her repeatedly last year, round the time she was forced out of the "news of the world" parent company, news international. if that is true, it could be embarrassing for him. if the content of those messag
May 29, 2012 12:30am PDT
. this one is brown. of the ones being sold on the market tends to be rectangular or square -- this one is round. people all those factors together, this is an exceedingly rare diamond, one of only two known in the world, according to christie's auction house. the other one that we know about laws to queen elizabeth. she received her diamond when she married back in 1947. cracks are diamonds really a girl's best friend? who is selling this particular martian pinnk diamond? >> we don't have a lot of details about the seller. we notice a private collector who bought the diamond back in 1976 from harry winston, the famed american diamond house. that was the year that the u.s. government sent out its first satellite to explore mars, which is the red planet. harry winston is what name did the marchant ping. i am interested in who is going to buy this -- who named it martian pink. this last year gentleman bought a very rare of blue diamond for about $9 million for his daughter. in hong kong, we have -- trying to raise perhaps a billion dollars here in hong kong. there have been buying a lot o
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4